Oftentimes I asked myself: “What is happening to you?” And then I always come to a pause and cannot exactly answer my own question. For several moments of my life I have been accustomed to doing nothing. My life suddenly came to a very laid back pace. No worries, no problems, no hassles that have stormed my day to day life. That was before today. For so many weeks, I have been trying to run away from the problems I am facing, trying to get away from my responsibilities thinking that there will always be tomorrow where I can resolve my mistakes of today. But I was wrong. As time pass by, more and more problems came my way. Some were new ones but most of the time problems that resulted from my previous problems seem to have build up now and I find myself cornered. Nowhere to run but back to the way where I left everything.

The harder I try to run, the more problems sprouted and now I don’t know where to start, how to solve these problems one by one. I feel alone although a lot of people have offered their help one way or another. Some have been reprimanding me and some were just simply there waiting for me to tap their shoulders and seek their help. I am thankful for those people but I think I have to face these problems on my own. Alone yet I feel strong, I need to be strong. Is this because of pride or is this because of my will to put an end to this dilemma? I don’t know, and I really don’t know.

I find myself sitting in a corner now, thinking nothing more but emptiness. My mind is pitch black. Sometimes I wished there was a reset button of my life so that if times like these happen to me, one push of that button and I am ready to start all over again. But reality do not have such button. What reality offers is change and nothing more. This time I need to take that chance not only in words but also in action. But I don’t know if I can make it. I don’t know if I can live with it. Maybe this time, I have to leave my comfort zone and face reality as it is now.

Above all things, I wish life was a bit easier for me, but then I realize, life would have been easier if I did not make it too difficult.

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“Love the Org”; were the words that have pushed me to join the UP Phytopathological Society (UPPS). These are the words that somehow gave me inspiration to be part of the organization. The same words mold me into what I am now, a proud UPPS member. A cliché every member of an organization should remember.

But to establish a commitment towards an entity composed of different personas is difficult. You have to be part of that entity and understand every character within it. Although the organization is composed of different people having different walks of life, one can fit right into the crowd and eventually call it family. Let’s have a glance of the people that make the UPPS a family, a home for aspiring plant pathologists in the rollercoaster ride of elbi life.

First, let us meet the heads of the society and the backbones of every activity it conducts. On top of the list is a man of few words, the humble and responsible, Mark Edward Fabreag. He is the current president of the UPPS and the Vice President, Carlito “Carl” Landicho. Together they work hand in hand to make every activity a success and worthwhile for all. Both are from Batch Cilia and are specializing in virology and phytobacteriology respectively. Happy Carl is also the head of the membership committee, and the lover of Almabelle “Belle” Dorado, also specializing in phytobacteriology. The fine lass Belle is also the Secretary of the society and an image of a typical “dalagang Filipina”. Belle joined the society as Batch IPM together with Suzette and Loui. Suzette Magdalene Arcibal, treasuer and head of the finance committee of UPPS, is also a “dalagang Filipina” with a twist. She is a gorgeous woman specializing in _______ and is happily taken by Tom. Although most of the members hide from her because she collects payments for dues and other fees for the society, her charms will surely make you reach for your pockets and pay. Next stop is the Auditor, Gianne Kris Barile from Batch Agar and specializes in the field of Mycology. She is someone who has almost everything: from a variety of software collection to the latest music and movies. One thing I can commend her for is her ability to keep her feet always on the ground. Another persona from IPM is the head of the Education committee, Loui Andrew Cartago and is specializing in the field of Virology. Loui is someone who despite the problems he is facing wears a happy and smiling face whenever you meet him. Another character is a woman equipped with a thousand smiles. Jhoana Grace “Jhuan” Bendal is head of the External Committee and is a proud Synergos. She is someone who sees good things in everything. Completing the list is also specializing in Mycology and also a proud Synergos, David “Dave” Cristobal, head of the Publication Committee. A man every woman would love to stare at. These people made UPPS the society that they are today. These people are the frontlines in battling the problems the whole organization is facing. These people compose the Executive Committee.

A popular quotation would tell us that “Behind the Success of a Man is a Woman”. Applying this to the structure of the society, let us have a glimpse of the members of the society starting from the well established UPPS member to the budding leaves of the society. The former president, also known as “La Presidente”, Eula Gems Oreiro is a woman worthy to be called as an experienced member of the society. A Trichoderma reigning from the south is ready to move on to another chapter of her life. And who would not recognize the woman with a loudspeaker and lady with the papery white skin; Karen Joy Briñas and Marianne Muros hail from Batch Microscope. These females have their own respective versions of being a woman. Next on the line are Kristine Erika “Kret” Decena and Vincent Glenn “Vince” Lasay. They are batchmates of Edward and Carl from Batch Cilia. A man and a woman who knows how to have fun despite the pressure the academic life puts on them. The Synergos, also party goers, Tom Dean Españo-Suzzette’s one and only, Jane Anne Limosnero-the environmental diplomat and the girl, Eric Dinglasan-the responsible man, together with Dave and Jhuan, this Batch’s unity is the best I have ever yet seen, a perfect example of stability in unity. But wait, Kristel Sayseng, the leader and member of Batch Probe proved that with faith and determination, one can accomplish anything. Her charms and talents have become her ticket to become a worthy UPPS member. Batch Agar composed of Gianne, Gladys Escobar and Kristal Lanceta are three responsible and dedicated members of the society. They are remembered for their popular performance of the “sinaing” but I’m quite sure they are just cooked right. Younger Batch Bacterial Colony: Nessa Joyce Dizon-the meek, Pia Loreno-the life saver being an active Red Cross volunteer, Ma. Victoria Martin-the humble and Sophia Irene Reynera-a woman with an A-ttitude, are making themselves worthy of the society as early as the first semester of A.Y. 08-09. The budding Batch Hyperplasia: _______________ are the newest additions to the family of young aspiring plant pathologists. With utmost humility I stand proud to introduce to you the people who have supported the Executive Committee in all their endeavors; the people who are the UPPS today and the people who are willing to contribute for the development of the field of Plant Pathology. These people are the people I call family.

Ms. Reianne Quilloy, our Junior Adviser and Dr. Rizaldo Bayot, our Senior Adviser: our guardians and have always supported the society in every activity there is. And there you have it, The University of the Philippines Phytopathological Society.

These are the people that made me “Love the Org” even more.

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I was checking my multiply account when I read this post from a contact. It was a recorded conversation between a citibank agent and a customer. I searched youtube hoping to find a video clip of the conversation and I was successful. Posted below is a video of the conversation.


What broke my heart was that the lady was so furious about Filipinos and she herself is a Filipina. What an a******

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My life has becoming more and more miserable, boring and no more life at all. I have been forcing smiles on my faces but I just can’t fake it anymore. I am sulking and I don’t know the reason why. This is not the first time that I had this kind of personal issue but what I am experiencing now seems worst that all those that I have experienced. If there’s is anyone or anything that can save me from this misery, please do hurry. I don’t have much time left…

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

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I’ve been hearing lots of comments about a site called PLURK so I tried to visit it yesterday and I am absolutely hooked! The site is very interactive that you can see your posts and your friends post real time and you can also reply to their posts. It’s a good way of staying connected to your friends. I do recommend it to everyone. If you want to have an account there, you can visit PLURK and you can add me as your friend (BEANSentGlenn) so we can have regular updates from each other. At first you might get lost but exploring the site is a very fun and rewarding experience. You will love it too when you get the hang of it. I wish to see you there soon. Cheers to all and have a wonderful day ahead!

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As the title of my post imply, I am simply regretting the deeds I made during the start of this semester. Let me enumerate SOME of those things I should have never done:

1) I did not attend my classes because I was too lazy to get out of my bed.

2) Drank my guts like there was no tomorrow resulting to my inability to wake up early the next day and skipping classes again.

3) Got the hang of the line “I can do that later or tomorrow, it’s a piece of cake” and ended up having overdue reports, some of which have I never started yet.

4) Spent every centavo I have in my pocket to unnecessary stuff because my eyes fell in love with it.

5) Overspending due to satisfying my personal craving leaving me now penniless.

6) Taking for granted the opportunities on front of me ending up in grave disappointments and grave loss.

7) Enjoyed swiping my credit card to buy stuff just because I sought the need to have a purpose of wandering in the mall.

And since my favorite number is 7, I won’t be continuing my list and I think you get the idea of the things I am starting to regret. My being wasteful and irresponsible.

These things have been done and the damaged has been incurred. All I can do now is start preventing them to continue which I am doing just today. I have decided to pull my self back together, after breaking the present “me” and putting back the “should have been me” and make it the “not so far me”. I do really hope that in due time, I will be able to accomplish this mission that seemed almost impossible.

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